MS patients have a generally increased risk of cardiovascular disease, but there is little data on how different disease modifying treatments may alter this risk in patients treated in clinical practice. In this MEDtalk Thomas Frisell ...

In this MEDtalk Nasrin Asgari present an experimental model of neuromyelitis optica spectrum disorder. The model mimicks human disease pathophysiology. <script src=”” async></script><script src=”” async></script><div class=”wistia_responsive_padding” style=”padding:56.25% 0 0 0;position:relative;”><div class=”wistia_responsive_wrapper” style=”height:100%;left:0;position:absolute;top:0;width:100%;”><div class=”wistia_embed wistia_async_ydifil57p7 videoFoam=true” style=”height:100%;position:relative;width:100%”><div class=”wistia_swatch” style=”height:100%;left:0;opacity:0;overflow:hidden;position:absolute;top:0;transition:opacity 200ms;width:100%;”><img src=”” style=”filter:blur(5px);height:100%;object-fit:contain;width:100%;” alt=”” aria-hidden=”true” onload=”;” ...

Alemtuzumab treatment in Denmark

ECTRIMS 2019 | Best Practice Nordic | kl. 9:30 |

Asta Theodorsdottir prsent data from the The Danish Multiple Sclerosis Registry about the demographics of the alemtuzumab-treated population in Denmark; the treatment strategy; the number of cycles and its relation to previous disease modifying treatments (DMTs); and the frequency of switch to other ...

Differentially expressed proteins in MS

ECTRIMS 2019 | Best Practice Nordic | kl. 8:19 |

In this MEDtalk Tone Berge present new insights into immune-cell processes in MS through evaluate dysregulation af CD4+ and CD8+ cells from MS ...

Smoking, air pollution and MS

ECTRIMS 2019 | Best Practice Nordic | 13. Sep 2019 kl. 2:47 |

Hear the latest data on the association between smoking and an increased risk of MS. There are several interesting new ...

Adverse events with fatal outcome

ECTRIMS 2019 | Best Practice Nordic | kl. 2:35 |

Sporadic cases of fatal adverse events have been reported during treatment of multiple sclerosis with alemtuzumab. In this MEDtalk Trygve Holmøy present a study based on European Medicines Agency database of suspected adverse reactions related to medicinal products in the European Economic Area (EudraVigilance), for fatal adverse events associated with treatment with alemtuzumab. Trygve Holmøy ...

Highlights from ECTRIMS

ECTRIMS 2019 | Best Practice Nordic | kl. 1:28 |

Melinda Magyari, Head of the Danish MS Registry, gives in this MEdtalk some of her highlights from the ECTRIMS ...

A larger decrease in total costs was observed in patients with MS who received their first disease modifying therapies early, which could potentially be explained by a slower disease progression leading to maintained work ...

Galina Zheleznyakova have dentified a number of different sncRNAs where further research may pave the way for identification of informative biomarkers and possible treatment targets. In this MEdtalk she present the result from the ...

The MS brain lesion atlas ( is a user-friendly interactive web interface developed to address the current challenges of understanding mechanisms driving the fate of progressive MS on lesion basis. Click and hear more about how this first MS Atlas be a new basis for treatment ...

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