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Joachim Høg Mortensen

Dr Mortensen holds a Master’s degree (Cand.Scient.Med) from Aalborg University, where he, during his Master’s thesis, focused on biomarker discovery for cancer, more specifically glioblastoma multiforme. Dr Mortensen continued to work with biomarkers during his PhD studies but focused his attention on inflammatory bowel disease.

Dr Mortensen has extensive research experience in gastroenterology and, more specifically, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBD). In collaboration with Nordic Bioscience, Dr Mortensen focused his PhD research on developing and validating serum-based biochemical markers for IBD concerning intestinal mucosal damage. He did this by quantifying the degree of basement membrane degradation and interstitial matrix remodelling with highly specific serum-based ELISAs. He joined Nordic Bioscience in 2016, assuming a position as Head of Gastrointestinal Diseases in the ImmunoScience-group – a group focused on developing novel biomarkers and testing them in clinical cohorts and translational models.

The main focus of his research group is the development of blood-based biomarkers to quantify the degree of tissue-related inflammation and mucosal damage in IBD patients. Dr Mortensen has spearheaded the design and development of a biomarker of human neutrophil elastase-degraded calprotectin (CPa9-HNE), a novel serum calprotectin that is a biomarker of true neutrophil activity. In addition, Dr Mortensen has been supervising master students and technicians. He currently supervises three PhD projects related to IBD biomarker development for mucosal healing, intestinal fibrosis, and intestinal inflammation.

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