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Melek-Zahra Sarikaya

Melek Zahra Sarikaya has been studying medicine at the University of Copenhagen since 2018 and will become a doctor in June 2023. She has been employed in the “Gastro Unit” at Hvidovre Hospital, where she has done research in IBD.

Among other things, she has written an article on Crohn’s disease with a surgical perspective, which was published in an international journal. The study has been presented orally at the ECCO Congress 2021 early in the process, where it won the Y-ECCO Abstract Awards, and later again at the UEG Congress 2022 in Vienna after some modifications.

She has also co-authored other studies, including a large project on the impact of biologics on IBD patients since general use in Denmark and another study on corona virus and its impact on patients with inflammatory diseases on immunosuppressive therapy. On a daily basis, she is interested in organ surgery and is a locum doctor at the Department of Surgery, SUH Køge.

In addition, she works in a general practice, as she actually finds all areas of the human body interesting. Last but not least, Melek has also been involved in developing and expanding the master’s degree program in medicine in Region Zealand, the so-called ‘Region Zealand track’.

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