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Ahmed H. Zedan

Ahmed H. Zedan is a clinical oncologist at the Department of Oncology, Vejle Hospital, Denmark with a mian focus on prostate cancer. The emphasis of his research is to study a wide varitey of biomarkers including microRNA, ctDNA, and NK in different cancer types e.g. lung cancer, colon cancer, and prostate cancer.

As part of Ahmed H. Zedan’s research, he collaborate closely with colleagues from other depratmemts including urologists, pathologists and molecular biologists.

Ahmed H. Zedan is also the general manager of one of Denmark’s biggest prostate cancer biobanks, PerPros, which he co-established in 2016. The biobank supplies biological material for several research projects, on a national and international scale, which he also helps oversee.
In addition to his clinical duties, he also holds a postdoc position at the Department of Oncology, Vejle Hospital.

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